Fend-all by Honeywell 16 Ounce Double Bottle Eyesaline Sterile Eye Wash Wall Station

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Fend-all by Honeywell Eyesaline® Honeywell 16 ounce Sterile Saline Dual Bottle Wall Station helps to hold bottles firmly in place with easy access to bottles in an emergency to render immediate flushing. Durable, open-face design wall station can be mounted easily with provided fasteners and with an integral overhang protects bottles from dust and debris to minimize maintenance requirements. Wall station comes with personal eyewash that has an extended flow opening to provide longer flow rate than conventional bottles. Solution renders high visibility in a hazardous area and is readily available for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes. Area of application includes airborne particulates, biohazard, chemical, contamination, gas, vapors, smoke and splash.

Sterile eyewash
Dual 16 oz. bottle wall station
Complies with ANSI Z358.1 (Supplemental Equipment) Secondary Device Does not meet ANSI 15-minute flushing requirement
Airborne particulates
Gas, vapors, smoke
Product Attributes

Safety Product Type
» Eye Wash Wall Station
Size Description
» 16 Ounce Double Bottle
Brand Name
» Eyesaline®

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