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Falcon Mighty Sonic 5 Ounce 6 1/4" X 5" X 3 1/4" Plastic Safety Horn

Falcon Mighty Sonic 8 Ounce 6 1/4" X 5" X 3 1/4" Plastic Safety Horn


Falcon® Mighty Sonic™ Safety Horn is 100 percent ozone-safe and it delivers a piercing 120 dB blast at 10'. Horn features a push-button operation for convenience and is built for long-lasting reliability. It is lightweight, portable and has high-impact trumpet that offers long lasting durability.


Lightweight, portable, long-lasting safety horn
Built for long-lasting reliability, totally independent of any other power source
The portable Mighty Sonic is 100% ozone-safe and non-flammable
Delivers a piercing 120dB blast at 10 feet
Easy, convenient push-button operation
Durable, high-impact trumpet is unbreakable

Product Attributes

Brand Name
» Mighty Sonic™

Product Type
» Safety Horn

» Plastic

Size Description
» 6 1/4" X 5" X 3 1/4", 5 Ounce

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