Eagle Lab Pack and Overpack Drums 20 Gallon

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20-GALLON LAB PACK WITH SCREW TOP LID 20-Gallon Lab Pack with Screw Top Lid Ideal for the storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of small containers (5 gallons or less). Constructed of 100% blow-molded high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for superior strength and chemical resistance. These lightweight drums incinerate completely. Drums meet UN Rating HM-181 1H2/X57/S, performance requirements of DOT 49 CFR 173.12(b), and can be used with packing groups I, II, & III of hazardous materials. MODEL 1650 SPECIFICATIONS: CAPACITY: 20 gallons WEIGHT: 13 lbs. DIMENSIONS: 20.5" x 21.25" UN MARKING: 1H2/X57/S


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