DuPont -Tychem TK Fully Encapsulated Level A Coverall - Front Entry

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Fully encapsulated Level A NFPA ensemble: inner suit - extra wide three-layer faceshield (PVC 40 mil / PTFE 5 mil / PVC 20 mil), three-layer glove system (Neoprene / EVOH film / Kevlar® knit), expanded back (accommodates SCBA), front entry, gas-tight zipper closure, double storm flap over zipper, attached boots, outer boot flaps, knee wear pads, four exhaust valves, internal adjustment belt; outer suit - Lexan® EX (extra wide) faceshield (20 mil), Front entry, expanded back (accommodates SCBA), hook and loop suit closure, four exhaust vents.

- Certified compliant to the 2005 edition NFPA 1991, Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies as well as optional Liquefied Gas Protection Performance Requirements of the standard.
- Ensemble consists of a Tychem® TK chemical protective encapsulated Level A inner suit combined with an aluminized fiberglass outer suit
- Encapsulated Level A garment design is our highest level of protection from from liquid splash and vapor/gas exposures for both the wearer and respiratory equipment
- Double taped seams provide strong chemical resistance against heavy liquid splashes. A sewn seam is covered, both inside and outside of garment with compatible chemical-resistant material by heat-sealing.
- Expanded faceshield provides wide 220 degree viewing angle. EX faceshield is three-layer laminate composed of 40 mil PVC/5 mil Teflon® /20 mil PVC
- Front entry design allows wearer to partially don garment (maintain standby position) without assistance
- Expanded back to accommodate self-contained air breathing apparatus (SCBA)
- Vapor tight zipper. Extra long to increase garment opening and aid donning and doffing
- Storm flap covers zipper which can be secured by the wearer with rugged hook and loop material to prevent intrusion at zipper
- Three component glove system: inner Ansell® Barrier® glove provides broad range chemical protection, middle Neoprene gloves provide mechanical and physical durability to protect inner Barrier® glove and outer knit glove made of Kevlar® for abrasion and cut resistance.
- Gloves are attached with vapor tight ring and clamp system and are replaceable. Interface between glove and garment sleeve forms an airtight seal.
- Integrated socks composed of garment material
- Attached flaps are designed to cover boot tops to help reduce potential for liquid intrusion
- Four exhaust valves release higher pressure inside encapsulating garments while simultaneously helping to prevent inward leakage of external vapors or particles into the garment. One-way valves are positive pressure and open on demand. Valves include splash covers made of barrier material to help prevent liquid intrusion. Valves are located on left back of head and right lower back.
- Internal adjustable waist belt system for support and improved fit
- Oversuit allows ensemble to meet flame impingement requirements of NFPA 1991-2005 and is composed of aluminized fiberglass substrate, seams are sewn with Nomex® thread to maintain garment integrity when exposed to flame (per ASTM F1358), extra-wide Lexan® faceshield for wide (200 degree) viewing angle, four exhaust vents, expanded back design, elastic wrists and ankles.
- Each suit has a unique serial number and is fully tested at time of manufacture including positive air pressure integrity testing per ASTM F1052.
- Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant

*Custom Made to Order - Minimum of 3 Months Lead time

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