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Deb 3.25 Liter Refill Yellow Solopol GrittyFOAM Dispenser

Deb 3.25 Liter Refill Yellow Solopol GrittyFOAM Dispenser


  • The world's only heavy duty FOAM hand cleanser with grit. Petroleum solvent-free formulation with non-abrasive natural cornmeal and olive pit scrubbing agents provides a deep cleansing and a fresh citrus scent. The rapid and powerful cleansing action, combined with excellent skin feel during and after use, ensures high user satisfaction.


  • Powerful cleansing action
  • Excellent lathering properties
  • Patented foaming technology
  • Optimized dosage
  • Mild formulation
  • User preferred
  • Economical, hygienic cartridge format
  • Pleasantly fragranced with citrus scent
  • Contains natural, biodegradable cornmeal and olive pit scrubbers
  • Contains moisturizer
  • ECOLOGO Certified
  • The product contains greater than 80% renewable or bio based content.


  • EcoLogo certified
  • USDA BioPreferred


  • For use in industrial environments to remove medium to heavy soiling
  • Oil Based Contaminants
  • General Dirt & Grime
  • Synthetic & Petroleum Based Oils, Greases & Lubricants
  • Tar, Carbon Black, Bitumen, Graphite & Metallic Dust

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