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Deb 1 Liter Translucent White Instantfoam Touchfree Dispenser (8 Dispensers - Pack)

Deb 1 Liter Translucent White Instantfoam Touchfree Dispenser (8 Dispensers - Pack)


Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol-Based TouchFREE Dispenser with batteries is a compact, power efficient touch free dispensing system for use with Deb foaming hand hygiene products.


  • Easy to Follow - Language neutral usage instructions are ideal for multi-nationality workforces.
  • Large Push Buttons - Can be hand or elbow operated making it easy to use, suitable in hygiene sensitive areas.
  • Fixed Shot Sizes - Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reduces waste.
  • Uses Deb System Cartridges - Enables cartridges to be replaced in seconds, reducing maintenance time and costs.
  • Ultrasonically Sealed Cartridges - Allows no ingress of air into the cartridge during use and helps prevent product contamination.
  • No Wastage - Cartridges are designed to collapse during use ensuring full evacuation of product with no wastage.
  • Recyclable Cartridges - All cartridge components are made of fully recyclable materials.
  • Unique Locking Mechanism - Helps prevent unauthorized access, pilferage and product contamination.
  • Sight Glass - - Indicates the level of product in the cartridge which helps identify when product needs replacing.
  • Guaranteed For Life - Re-assurance of quality and reduces ongoing costs.
  • Durable Plastic Bodies - Able to withstand high levels of wear and tear suitable for use in busy and hard wearing washroom environments.


  • FDA Regulated


  • General Industry
  • Light Industrial
  • Office
  • Commercial
  • Leisure
  • Community Healthcare
  • Acute Healthcare
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Rooms And Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Food Service And Catering
  • Food Processing And Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Vehicle Maintenance/Repair
  • Marine
  • Consumer

Note: This SKU is for 1 Pack = 8 Dispensers

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