Protective Industrial Products 34-845/L Large MaxiFlex Endurance by ATG 15 Gauge Abrasion Resistant Black Micro-Foam Nitrile Palm And Fingertip Coated Work Gloves With Gray Seamless Knit

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Protective Industrial Products® Work Gloves feature black/gray MaxiFlex® Endurance by ATG® black micro-foam nitrile coated dotted palm, full fingers and knuckles comprised with unique nitri-dot for magnificent grip. Gloves in large size feature breathable coating to restrain hands ultra cool and dry. Minimal lint and dust penetration maintains softness and comfortableness inside the gloves for magnificent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility. 15 ga Gray seamless knit nylon liner gloves feature continuous knit cuff design and are applicable in handling small oily parts and components, general assembly, machining, micro-engineering, automotive components, painting and horticulture applications.


Micro-foam nitrile coatings are compatible with light oils and will provide a good grip and excellent abrasion resistance
Raised micro dots increase durability and offer more cushioning in highly repetitive applications requiring precision handling
Knitwrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
Surface of the glove designed to "channel" oil away to give a better grip
100% silicone free
25% Thinner - Than most foam nitrile gloves on the market while offering twice the mechanical performance
Form, Fit and Feel - Mimics the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort
Latest Knitting Technology - Utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity
Consistent Liner Penetration - From the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin
Optimized Grip - The micro-cup finish allows for a controlled grip
All ingredients used in the manufacturing and construction of this product are compliant with the REACH legislation
This glove has been laundered prior to final packaging making it clean and safe for use
The Oeko-Tex® Association has evaluated and certified this product as skin safe from the second it comes into contact with the skin
The Skin Health Alliance has awarded professional dermatological accreditation following review of the scientific dossier behind this product

EN 388 4131 ISO 901:2000 And ISO 14001:2004 certified ANSI 4 Abrasion ANSI 1 Cutting ANSI 3 Tearing ANSI 1 Puncture CE Certified

Used in applications which require a high degree of dexterity and sensitivity, especially where grip is important, such as handling small oily parts and components, general assembly, machining, micro-engineering, automotive components, painting, horticulture

Laundering Instructions: Recommend washing gloves in tempered water not exceeding 104°F or 40°C. A mild commercial laundry soap or detergent should be used. Wash in a 5-10 minute cycle time. Rinse in cold water. Tumble dry at temperature not exceeding 104°F or 40°C
Product Attributes

Brand Name
» MaxiFlex® Endurance by ATG®

» Dotted

Glove Size
» Large

Glove Weight
» 15 Gauge

» Nylon

» Micro-Foam, Nitrile

» Black, Gray

Cuff Type
» Continuous Knit

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