Brief Relief Commode

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The Brief Relief Commode is a lightweight, durable container that is designed especially for use by people on the move. Each Commode contains a supply of Brief Relief Daily Restroom Kits* to safely dispose of either liquid or solid human waste. The system provides a sanitary and convenient solution when nature calls. Perfect for everyday use or in emergency situations. When you have The Commode and Brief Relief products on site you have piece of mind.

The Commode Key Product Features:
- Sturdy and lightweight
- Soft, folding seat for comfort
- Air tight and watertight screw down lid protects supplies
- Can double as a work stool
- Seat and supplies fit conveniently in The Commode
- Easy to use

*Each Daily Restroom Kit contains 2 Brief Relief Disposable Urinal Pouches and 1 Disposa-John Kit or is available with Disposa-John only.

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