Ansell - The Eliminator - Special Low Lint Paint Gloves

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Size: 6
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The Eliminator gloves are made with a special low-lint yarn that is 100% silicone-free from top to bottom. Plus, they’re cleaned and packaged in a clean room environment, so you can be assured the gloves won’t contaminate freshly painted surfaces or cause fish eyes, craters, and other imperfections. The Eliminator gloves are fine-gauge-knitted for exceptional fit and tactile sensitivity. They’re pre-washed and pre-shrunk, and color-coded cuffs make it easy for workers to choose the size that’s best for them. And now you can choose from three different Eliminator styles: standard cuff, extended cuff for extra protection from paint marring, and anti-static which is made with special X-Static yarns for applications where static electricity build-up is a concern.

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