3M Folded High Capacity Perforated Maintenance Sorbent

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3M Maintenance Sorbent Folded M-FL550DD, High Capacity is the easy-to-use solution for cleaning up spills, drips and fluid leaks. You get four sorbent configurations from one folded sorbent dispenser box.


- Four sorbents in one. It can be used as a boom, pillow, pad, or roll, which means you stock one product to meet your sorbent needs.
- Perforations every 16 inches allow you to select the length required, so there�??s less wasted sorbent.
- A handy dispenser box for easy, on-site use.
- 3M�??s high capacity sorbent technology has increased fluid-holding capacity which means less sorbent used. Allows for simple reclamation for recycling of valuable liquids and re-use of sorbent. Mminimizes sorbent waste for disposal
- Each individual dispenser contains suggestions for sorbent use.

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