3M Chemical Sorbent Mini-Boom 12'

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3M Chemical Sorbents are powerful enough to handle acids (including hydrofluoric acid), bases coolants and most other hazardous fluids. They are a safer choice because they resist reactions with most hazardous chemicals. They will also absorb petroleum-based fluids, non-aggressive chemicals and aqueous based solutions, reducing the need to stock several different sorbent types for emergency response. 3M™ Chemical Sorbents are available in a complete range of sizes including folded, pads, rolls, mini-booms, pillows and particulate.


- Available in three lengths
- Ideal for placing arounf hazardous liquid spills
- They work quickly


- Ensure proper cleanup while minimizing employee exposure


- - WARNING! Failure to properly handle and dispose of sorbents contaminated by hazardous materials can result in serious physical injury or death and/or environmental harm. For proper handling, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for the material absorbed, applicable safety and health standards, contact your supervisor, or call 3M at 1-800-243-4630. To reduce the risk of serious physical injury or death, always use respiratory protection and protective clothing appropriate for handling the material to be abdorbed. Transportation and disposal of spent sorbents must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
- - CAUTION - Sorbents may become slippery when used on flooring. Do not walk on sorbent or place in high traffic areas.


- Cleaning up hazardous chemcial spills, drips and leaks
- Ideal for rapid response containment and cleanup
- Hazardous material shipping
- Cover bench tops in anticipation of a spill
- Wiping up contaminated areas

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