3M 9210 Plus N95 Particulate Disposable Respirator - Box

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A three panel respirator features a low profile for better visibility and is compatible with a wide variety of safety equipment. The soft cover web on the inner panel feels comfortable against the skin. Individually packaged to prevent contamination during storage and allows for easy dispensing. Soft, conformable noseclip and lightweight, collapse-resistant design adjusts easily with greater comfort.

20 masks per box

- Three-panel respirator with innovative design
- Low profile
- Conforms to a wide range of face sizes
- Comfortable to wear
- Adjustable nose clip provides a custom fit and secure seal

- Individually packaged
- Prevents contamination during storage
- Increase worker acceptance
- Easy dispensing
- Lightweight

- WARNING! This respirator helps protect against certain particles. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see supervisor or instructions or call 3M OH&ESD Technical Service. 1-800-243-4630
- Do Not Use For: Gases and vapors, including those present in paint spraying operations, oil aerosols, asbestos or sandblasting. Aerosol concentrations that exceed 10 times the OSHA PEL, or applicable government regulations, whichever is lower. This respirator does not supply oxygen.

- Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 requirements

Suggested for Work in:
- Grinding
- Sanding
- Sweeping
- Bagging
- Woodworking
- Foundries
- Other dusty operations

- Mask Type: N95 Particulate
- Application: Dust, Mist
- Exhalation Valve: No
- Respirator Size: One Size Fits Most
- Standard: NIOSH 42CFR84

Note: This item is non-refundable upon purchase

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