3 Layered Face Mask - 50 Masks - MADE IN THE USA

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PPE-201-50 Three Ply Disposable Face Masks

Product Description

The PPE-201-50 disposable face masks are made right here in the USA. They offer substantial protection from a variety of elements. The comfort fit and advanced multilayered fabric makes breathing easy, while protecting from potentially harmful toxins.

Efficient Filtration System: Protects against micro-organisms, such as airborne droplets from sneezing and coughing, which may be transferred to and from others.

Three Layered Filtration: The PPE-201-50 face mask is constructed with 3 layers of fabric. The outer layers are made up of high quality woven fabric, while the center layer is a special melt blown fabric.

Comfortable and Breathable: The high quality woven fabric makes for a compact breathing experience while still providing ample protection against external threats.

Ear Loop and Nose Strip Design: The elastic earloop are made up of a soft elastic material that fits firmly but softly around your ears. The adjustable nose strip (made by recyclable plastic), sewn into the mask are designed to insure an optimal seal between the nose and the mask.

1 BOX= 50 pcs

1 CASE= 20 boxes / 1000 pcs 

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