Medline - Sensicare - Ice Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves - Case

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Sensicare Ice PF Exam Gloves: We know that latex allergies are on the rise and that you're looking for latex glove alternatives to protect both patients and staff. Nitrile gloves are a popular option, but they still have shortcomings. Though they're known for offering the same great protection in high-risk and high-stress environments, nitrile gloves tend to be stiff and uncomfortable. With Medline's new Sensicare Ice examination glove, you can finally have it all - the comfort of latex in a nitrile glove. This glove can be used facility-wide, from the ICU all the way to phlebotomy. Sensitivity and peace of mind...the Sensicare Ice from Medline. Comfortable fit Excellent sensitivity. Dependable protection. Reliable grip.

- Crisp blue color
- 100% Latex-Free
- It is extra strength with a soft touch.
- Textured fingertips
- Advanced formula for increased softness and comfort.
- Greater chemical resistance than both latex and vinyl gloves.
- It contain the most advanced formula nitrile for facility wide protection.
- Closest to latex in stretch, tactile sensitivity and performance.
- Industry-leading barrier protection, chemo tested.
- More affordable than ever before - new technology and manufacturing methods make them less expensive to produce.

- 4.0 mil. Thickness
- 12" Length
- 10 boxes per case, 50 gloves per box for sizes S-L, 45 gloves per box for XL.

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