Every day millions of people around the world depend on Ansell in their professional and personal lives. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of limited life chemical protective apparel, Ansell has built its reputation on introducing new technology and designs to the market to improve wearer protection and comfort. MICROCHEM by AlphaTec is a leading brand of chemical protective apparel, which provides excellent protection and confidence to workers who rely on Ansell products to defend them in hostile chemical environments. Our protective suits offer high performance for liquid, vapor and particulate exposures. Protecting people while they work in dirty or hazardous environments has always been our focus. Whether you are working with liquid or solid chemicals, asbestos, paint, oil, grease, viruses and blood borne pathogens, or one of the countless other workplace contaminants in evidence today, trust MICROCHEM by AlphaTec protective apparel to help keep you protected.

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