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All You Need To Know About The Essential Items For A CERT Safety Kit

When faced with emergency situations it is commonplace for people to panic and search for help. In certain cases where an individual may have experience in first aid or CPR, there is a chance they will assist anyone who is injured; however, in a panicky state of mind this is rarely a thought that pops to the forefront. In these emergency situations the immediate response from the average individual is to contact emergency services, such as 911 or police units. This is unless you have been trained by the CERT training program and are prepared for such an emergency situation.

CERT, also known as the certified emergency response teams, is typically comprised of the individuals included in emergency services; however, average individuals are able to apply for the training program. The basic skills learned as part of CERT include search and rescue skills, fire safety, first aid, threat assessment and disaster preparedness. This article will provide information regarding the essential items included in the CERT safety kits given to all CERT safety trainees.

What Is Included In The CERT Safety Kit?

As is mentioned, the CERT team is typically contacted during emergency situations requiring law enforcement or disaster relief during disasters. The kits provided to the individuals generally include all essential items that can be used in different situations. The items are:

- a backpack
- first aid supplies
- a solar blanket
- a metal whistle
- a dust mask
- a rope
- a safety vest
- a crow bar
- work gloves, and
- a flashlight with extra long-life batteries.

While all of these items may seem like they do not have much importance and could not play a role in any life-threatening situation; the fact of the matter is each is crucial in its own independent and interrelated way.

An Example Using The CERT Safety Kit

Despite the backpack being the essential item as it is the base of what keeps a team member organized, it is also highly beneficial in that it carries all the other pieces of equipment from area to area. Water is also highly valuable in that it is able to assist in almost all emergencies, such as saving people from dehydration. For example, an elderly lady was reported missing in 2010 and when found she was alive but severely dehydrated. The CERT team had water in their safety kits allowing them to provide the female with water and play a key role in saving her life. The water was also able to clean wounds on the female reducing the chance of the wounds becoming infected. This medical facility is also possible by using the first aid kit found in the CERT safety kit.

Solar blankets are very beneficial items as they are able to save the life of individuals who may be suffering from hypothermia and the rope is able to pull an individual to safety in complicated situations. While the metal whistle seems to show no use, it can be advantageous in alerting victims that you are approaching and the dust mask can protect from any harmful substances.