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Zorb-IT HV Gloves

SKU : B13 4570-07.
Zorb-IT HV Gloves
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Zorb-IT HV is one of the newest members of the flat-dipped sponge nitrile Zorb-IT product line from Best Glove. This product has Maximum Oil Absorbency (MXOA). Engineered to deliver a sure grip in the most difficult oily, greasy conditions, Best Glove's Zorb-IT 4570 glove beats the competition nearly two-to-one in oil/grease absorption and three-to-one in launder-ability. Importantly, its sponge nitrile coating stands up to repeated washings without delaminating or shrinking. Hailed as a revolutionary design, Zorb-IT HV represents a breakthrough concept in grip combined with a form-fitting, fluorescent orange shell from the worldwide leader in hand protection technology.

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