Zorb-IT Extra Sponge Nitrile- Gloves


SKU: B134575-08

Zorb-IT's unique, patent-pending "sponge nitrile" technology is changing the rules of what a flat-dip nitrile glove can be. Zorb-IT's sponge nitrile produces an extra-absorbent nitrile dip that conforms and adheres to the nylon shell like no other glove available.

- Ergo-designed, breathable nylon liner with sponge nitrile technology
- Three-quarter dip is deeper to coat the back of the hand for improved protection
- Absorbs nearly twice as much oil and grease as other flat dipped nitrile gloves
- Sanitized with anti-microbial bacteriostat
- Launder-able
- Made in USA

- Color-coded cuff indicating size

- In compliance 21CFR, parts 170-199