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Yellowbug Mosquito Repellent

SKU : KE-KA751
Yellowbug Mosquito Repellent


This multi-function lantern is perfect for camping and outdoor use. The hand crank dynamo allows it to be self-powered for emergency cases. It is built with 12 LEDs on the side, and 3 LEDs on the top of the lantern.

- 12 LED Lantern
- 3 LED Flashlight
- Siren with RED flash
- Compass
- Mosquito repellent - Repels mosquitoes and other bugs by emitting a high pitched sound
- AM/FM Radio
- Mobile Phone Charger
- Night Light
- Size: 11" x 3.5"
- Weight: 1.2 LBS

It comes with a capability to output the power to charge cellphones. Cellphone adapters not included.

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