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Wireless Audio Portable Buddy

SKU : SW222
Wireless Audio Portable Buddy


Compact 50 watt powerhouse of presentation versatility! Use Indoors or Outdoors.

SW222 MODEL HAS BUILT-IN WIRELESS RECEIVER - 2 presenters can be wireless (with optional 2nd wireless kit).

All successful presentations require more than just an effective message. Clear, creative and concise visual and audio communications with your audience are essential presentation components that cannot be overlooked.

While the advent of advanced computer graphics has produced impressive visual presentation capabilities, your message can be lost without proper audio enhancement. To create an interactive speaking environment in which ideas can be efficiently exchanged between the speaker and audience, a reliable, effective audio system is a must.

Our wireless sound systems utilize lapel microphones, freeing the speaker's hands for gestures, pointers and increased audience interaction. As a result, audience engagement and participation is dramatically improved and your presentations will be enhanced.

The world is increasingly wireless and interactive. Ensure that your message is heard loud and clear.

- Audience Size: Up to 1000
- Room Size: Up to 10,000 sq. ft.

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