STOKO - 4.0 Liter Bottle Medium To Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner


SKU: S5532140

Solopol® is a high performance hand cleaner designed to quickly and effectively clean heavy duty and medium duty industrial dirt. It's solvent free, making it much easier on the skin than old style high solvent products. Its natural scrubber, ASTOPON®, is made from walnut shell powder which is a renewable natural resource. Solopol® does not clog drains or pipes. Solopol® is a truly environmentally friendly hand cleaner. It is completely biodegradable and contains no solvent, no plastic scrubbers, no ingredients that harm the environment. It utilizes 100% recyclable packaging.


- Solvent-free
- Excellent skin compatibility
- Contains all natural walnut shell scrubbers


- For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt