STOKO - 2000 ml Hand Cleaner


SKU: S5533540

BlueForce is the first, solvent-free, medium to heavy-duty liquid hand cleanser that uses NO scrubbing particles. After years of ingredient research, combined with innovative technology, Stoko Skin Care has developed an industrial strength hand cleanser that goes far beyond traditional hand cleaning. Gentle on the skin, yet powerful on dirt, grease and grime BlueForce® is perfect for a wide variety of applications where extra cleaning power is a must.


- 100% Solvent free medium to heavy duty hand cleaner
- Contains NO scrubbing particles
- Gentle on the skin with a neutral fresh fragrance
- Ideal for removing common industrial dirt, oil, grease, carbon black, metallic dust, lubricants
- Green Seal Certified™


- Machine Shops
- Light to medium industrial
- Warehouse operations
- Welding
- Metal Working