Sqwincher 64 Ounce Liquid Concentrate Grape Lite Electrolyte Drink - Yields 5 Gallons


SKU: SQW050103-GR

Sqwincher® 64 oz. "Lite" Liquid Concentrate makes 5 gal. Sqwincher "Lite" is a zero carbohydrate/zero calorie solution formulated for diabetics or consumers who are watching their daily carbohydrate intake. "Lite" sontains the same electrolyte content as regular Sqwincher(high in potassium and low in sodium to aid the body in replenishing essential elements lost to heat stress and fatigue) without sugars.


- No Calories
- No Carbs


- Sqwincher® is the only electrolyte drink specially created for the high heat environment of the industrial workplace. Sqwincher® is scientifically formulated to replace important mineral salts and fluids lost during vigorous physical activity.