Sqwincher 20 Ounce Electrolyte Drink (24 Pack)


SKU: SQW030530-MB

Sqwincher 20oz. WideMouth is available in 7 awesome flavors, Gridiron Grape, Off-Road Orange, Fearless Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, Backflip Berry, Crankin' Citrus and Slammin' Strawberry Lemonade. WideMouth bottles feature an extra-wide opening for easy product consumption and enjoyment.

Case - 24 Bottles Inclueded


- No Caffeine
- No Salty Aftertaste
- Non-Carbonated
- Low Sodium


- Sqwincher® is the only electrolyte drink specially created for the high heat environment of the industrial workplace. Sqwincher® is scientifically formulated to replace important mineral salts and fluids lost during vigorous physical activity.