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Safetec Biohazard Universal Precaution Kit - Poly Bag

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Safetec Biohazard Universal Precaution Kit - Poly Bag
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Bio-hazard Clean-Up Kits Infectious disease control made easy with unitized kits complete with personal protection equipment, proper clean-up and disposal products and instructions. The disposable EZ-Protection Kit provides fundamental personal protection. EZ-Cleans Plus Kit minimizes cross contamination, and is a responsible method for the clean-up of infectious blood and body fluid spills. The Universal Precaution Kits are combination personal protection and clean-up kits, containing items mandated by OSHA, CDC and state health departments.

Each kit contains:
-Pair of Vinyl Gloves
-Red Bio-hazard Bag
-Protective Apron
-Twist tie
-Combo Mask/Safety Shield
-Identification Tag
-10 g. Red Z Solidfier
-SaniZide Plus Germicidal Wipe
- p.a.w.s. Antimicrobial Hand Wipe

*Suggested shelf life for kit is 3 years

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