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Sabre Pepper Spray with Red Case And Key Ring (1/2-Ounce)

Sabre Pepper Spray with Red Case And Key Ring (1/2-Ounce)


SABRE provides cool style and hot protection with its red pepper spray key case. Small, stylish and popular, this SABRE option delivers a strong balistic stream to reduce wind blow back. Providing extremely practical protection, SABRE permits distance from your threat with its ten (10) foot range. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the same brand used by public safety officers worldwide!

- Compact - Easy to carry and takes up little space
- Accessible - key ring attachment assures spray is with you when on the go
- Very Effective - 10 foot range with 15 Shots for protection against multiple threats from a distance
- Great Stopping Power - SABRE products are used by the NYPD, US Marshals and thousands of police departments worldwide
- This item is not for sale in certain states

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