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North Silver Shield Gloves 2.7mil

North Silver Shield Gloves 2.7mil
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North Silver Shield/4H Gloves protect against more than 280 chemicals: alcohols, aliphatic, aromatics, chlorines, ketones, esters. with a patented 5-layer laminate of high-energy polymer (EVOH) and a low-energy polymer (PE) compacted into a 2.7mil thickness. Low cost, disposable gloves do not have to be recycled and can be readily available to workers. Does not contain chemical accelerators that can cause allergic reactions. Can be used as a secondary inner glove. Allows worker maximum protection in heavy-duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage to gloves are high.

10 pairs per pack

- Tested according to ASTM F739-91 standards and are EN certified CE 0120

- Chemical handling and processing
- Domestic preparedness
- Haz-Mat work
- Aerospace
- Petrochemical

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