North - Silicone 7700 Series Half Mask Facepiece

North Safety Products

SKU: NOS770030S

Does not Come with Filters, Cartridges, and Retainers

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The North 7700 half mask is the industry standard for comfort, fit and reliability. For over 25 years the North 7700 has proven itself, protecting workers in some of the harshest environments. Why settle for a copy, when you can have the original?


  • Only 9 replacement parts – and all parts are replaceable
  • Latex free
  • Low “dead air” space - less exhaled breath is re-breathed
  • Strategic placement of exhalation valve
  • Can be adapted to PAPR or Supplied Air


  • No need to inventory, train workers and fit test them on several respirators
  • Cost savings in maintenance
  • Safe for your workers with allergies
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Workers feel cooler, more comfortable