Nano-Lok Twin Leg Self Retracting Lifeline With Quick Connector And Two Aluminum Rebar Hooks


SKU: D623101277

Replace your lanyard to reduce fall distance and improve your safety program with the Nano-Lok Self Retracting Lifeline. Nano-Lok is ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and is ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. The unique twin-leg SRL quick connector design leaves the dorsal D-ring available for other uses and provides a snug fit – it’s virtually unnoticeable on your back!


- Attach two SRLs directly to the back of most harnesses
- Installs to web, leaving dorsal D-ring open for other equipment or rescue
- Design providess snug fit to worker's back eliminating nuisance "flopping"
- Interchangeable SRLs allow for added versatility and replacement options
- Impact-resistant houseing provides maximum durability
- Automatic quick-activating arrestor stops falling worker within inches reducing fall distances & average arresting forces to 900 lbs or less. Replaces lanyard & improves safety.
- Extremely compact & lightweight at just 1.6 lbs., this SRL is the lightest, most compact unit on the market in its class - 15% lighter & 30% smaller.
- Impact indicator for visual indication of a fall.
- Retractable 6.5' lifeline provides continous fall protection without restrictions keeps lifeline out of worker's way, reducing dragging, snagging & trip falls.
- i-Safe helps trace equipment & manage safety inspection programs.
- 3,600 lb. gate reduces chances of accidental disengagement (roll-out) for added safety
- 420 lb. weight capacity for operator and tools.

- Meets or exceeds OSHA 1926.502, 1910.66 and ANSI Z359-2007 & A10.32