MSA - Auto-Change Electronic Welding Lens


SKU: MSA10068601

The Auto-Change Electronic Welding Lens is the newest addition to MSA’s line of protective products for welders. The Auto-Change Electronic Welding Lens is used with the MSA Clip-On Welders Adapters (P/N 472859 and 806482) for Ultravue®, Ultra-Twin®, and Ultra Elite® Facepieces, and the integral adapter (P/N 470786) for the Ultravue Facepiece. The Auto-Change Welding Lens from MSA is an automatic-darkening welding filter. The welding lens is in the light state (semi-transparent) before welding and darkens within 0.4 milliseconds after an arc is struck. Since the welder can see the welding electrode in the exact start position, the risk of inaccurate striking and poor welding is reduced. Both hands are free at all times, thus improving weld accuracy and quality. Welders can always see their work at comfortable light levels with constant eye and face protection. There are no distracting visual effects such as “halos” or “shadows” with the new lens. When the lens switches, it is flicker-free. The Auto-Change Welding Lens protects the user’s eyes against ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation during the entire welding process, even in the light state. A failsafe UV/IR filter blocks harmful radiation and is entirely independent of both the lens shade level and the lens electronics.


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