MSA Snap-On N95 Prefilter & Cover


SKU: MSA489353

Reusable Snap-On Cover For Use w/ Comfo Respirator Cartridges.

  • Filter cartridges protect against dusts, particles and mists.
  • Chemical Cartridges protect against gases and vapors.
  • Combination cartridges deliver protecton from both particulate and gaseous contaminants.
  • Designed for easy installation, thread directly to the cartridge recepticles on Comfo and other twin-cartidges respirators.
  • All cartridges are interchangeable and are color-coded to indicate the type of protection offered.
  • Most cartridges are incinerable.
  • The complete line of Comfo Cartridges protects against a wide variety of contaminants.
  • Product Type: Prefilter