MSA Flexi-Filter Filter Pad Air Purifying Respirator


SKU: MSA818346

The Flexi-Filter Pad is a great alternative to a standard cartridge-type particulate filter. Its swept-back design and low profile make it ideal for use under welding hoods or any tight spot where a respirator must be worn. Low breathing resistance and light weight keep the respirator comfortable and secure on your face. All Flexi-Filter pads are approved to the recent NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 regulation. The filters are built around a plastic frame, which forms a plenum through which the air flows. The filtration media is a composite of multiple-layered materials, which vary, according to the class and efficiency that are required. Thin layers of carbon media are added if nuisance odor removal is required. There are convenient finger tabs on the filter for easy installation and removal. These tabs help prevent possible filter damage that would reduce expected protection.

  • Low-profile NIOSH approved Flexi-Filter pads fit well under welding hoods and with other personal protective equipment.
  • Swept-back design makes it easy to see your work, while providing great balance and weight distribution to help maintain a comfortable and secure face seal.
  • Low breathing resistance makes it easy to work all day while multi-layer construction provides high filter durability and a spark-resistant cover keeps the filter working as hard as you do.
  • Finger tabs offer easy installation and removal to help prevent possible filter damage, which could reduce expected protection.
  • The Flexi-Filter Pad is suitable for a variety of applications and industries where particulate aerosols and nuisance odors exist. One of the most popular applications is during welding operations. The filters fit nicely under a welding hood while keeping the respirator face seal intact.
  • Safety Product Type: Filter
  • Resists: Oil-Free Particulates/Particulates/Organic Vapors, Ozone, Particulates
  • Respirator Type: Advantage Series, Half Mask/Advantage Series/Advantage Series
  • Standard: NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84