Moldex - 4600 Airwave N95 Disposable Respirator with Smart Strap (10 Pack)


SKU: 4600

Breathes easier by design

AirWave® — the valve-free respirator that breathes easier.
More surface, more airflow

The outstanding performance of AirWave®is due to its patent-pending, wave design technology. It allows more airflow in and out of the respirator for cool comfort and easier breathing.

- Unique waves double the filter surface area of our comparable respirator
- Dura-Mesh® shell provides bi-directional protection from dirt on the outside and moisture on the inside

Comfort inside and out

By providing more surface area, AirWave ensures cool comfort inside the respirator, without a valve. Plus our exclusive FlexFit®design provides added comfort and compliance over time.

- FlexFit® design expands and contracts as you move and speak, for optimal comfort
- Pinch-free molded nose bridge eliminates metal nose-band readjustment and discomfort
- Adjustable soft cloth strap is cool and comfortable
- Hangs from neck when not in use
- Metal-free


Particulate aerosols free of oil.

- Exclusive easy-breathing wave design
- Less resistance, better breathability
- Soft, cloth SmartStrap® is both HANGABLE and ADJUSTABLE
- Longer wear means less cost
- Softspun® lining for increased comfort and durability.
- Soft foam nose cushion and contour shaped for comfort
- Pinch free nose bridge
- Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2003 Section 7.11.1.
- Metal-free

*10 Respirators per box