Miller - 11' Personal Fall Limiter



Miller® MiniLite® Fall Limiter

The Miller MiniLite Fall Limiter is an 11 ft. (3.3 m) self-retracting web lanyard with a quick-activating braking system that limits free falls. In contrast to shock-absorbing lanyards, a Fall Limiter eliminates the need for extended fall distance clearance, minimizing the risk of injuries and making rescue easier.


- Lightweight, compact design that fits in the palm of your hand
- Offers up to 11-ft. (3.3 m) of working capacity
- Quick-activating, high-strength stainless steel braking system
- Corrosion-resistant interior, frame and components
- No annual factory recertification required
- High-impact protective outer cover; visual load indicator
- Available with a variety of integral anchorage connectors
- Rated to 310 lbs. (140.6 kg) capacity
- Rated to 400 lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity when using a SofStop shock absorber (928LS/18INYL)