Microflex - Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves - Box Size Medium


SKU: PL-UL-315-M

For the highest level of protection and durability in powder free latex examination gloves for high-risk environments, rely on Ultra One® gloves. Strong, durable and comfortable, Ultra One® gloves offer superior defense against many hazards that you come into contact with daily. With an extended cuff for increased protection, the Ultra One® glove is a proven performer.

Ultra One gloves are the best choice in a latex for heavy-duty/high-risk environments.

Recommended for use when:
- Added protection is required for extreme environments
- Extra coverage over the wrist and forearm is needed for enhanced safety and security
- Strength is required for your toughest tasks

- Length: 300 mm. / 11.8"
- Cuff Thickness: 7.1 mil.
- Palm Thickness: 9.8 mil.
- Finger Thickness: 13.8 mil.
- Tensile Strength: 21 MPa (Before Aging) / 18 MPa (After Aging)
- Elasticity/Elongation: 750% (Before Aging), 600% (After Aging)
- Reduced Protein Rating: max. 50 ¼g/g

- Material: Latex
- Usage: For single use only
- Type: Non-sterile
- Shape: Ambidextrous
- Color: Natural latex color
- Size: S - XL
- Cuff: Beaded
- Glove Exterior: Textured fingers
- Glove Interior: Polymer-coated, powder-free
- 50 gloves per box