LaCrosse Vis Green Typhoon Heavy Duty Overall


SKU: RAI14008115-M

The LaCrosse Typhoon Hi-Viz Rain-wear is made from 100% Waterproof and breathable heavy-duty 300D polyester canvas outer fabric using Hyper-Dri technology. New Precision Fit Technology architecture increases the garments range of motion and comfort. Merely meeting ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class III standards isn’t some sort of earth-shattering achievement, it’s the price of admission. That said, we took a long look at how these garments fit the folks who spend all week in ‘em. The result PRECISION FIT TECHNOLOGY. Everything about a High-Vis garment’s fit and feel has been rethought: The way the back of the garment fits across the shoulders. How your head moves inside the hood and collar. Better elbow and knee gussets. Sleeve length. Pocket locations. Even the small things like zipper placement. Bottom line: No longer will a safety and industrial garment play second fiddle to the comfort of an everyday jacket.