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Junk Yard Dog Gloves

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Junk Yard Dog Gloves
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Exceptional cut, slash and abrasion resistance for the toughest industrial applications. The best combination of price and performance.

ANSI Cut Level: 3

- Leather palm provides solid abrasion/puncture resistance, added durability and improved grip in wet and oily applications.
- DuPont° KEVLAR® brand fiber construction for cut resistance (KEVLAR® is highly cut and heat-resistant fiber)
- More complete protection with leather on palms and wrapped between fingers.
- KEVLAR is lightweight, durable and highly cut resistant.

- Automotive Assembly Parts Assembly Parts Handling Automotive Repair Oil Refineries Glass
- Sheet Metal
- Glass Handling
- Canning
- Automotive Sub-Assembly
- Welding
- Injection Molding
- Metal Stamping
- Automotive Manufacturing
- Steel Manufacturing
- Glass Handling
- Metal Stamping
- Canning
- Injection Molding
- Paper and Pulp
- Metal Fabrication
- Recycling

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