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Industrial Scientific GasBadge Pro Portable Sulfur Dioxide Monitor

SKU : I24181000605
Industrial Scientific GasBadge Pro Portable Sulfur Dioxide Monitor


GasBadge Pro provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection. Standard STEL and TWA readings, and datalogging of up to one year of survey data are featured along with an event-logger that records the past 15 alarm events. Housed in a rugged enclosure, the monitor is immune to RF, water resistant and extremely durable. A protective concussion-proof overmold protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Its simple and intuitive four-button navigation allows easy access to setup, operation and calibration functions. Lifetime warranty.


  • Interchangeable “smart” sensors monitor oxygen or any one of many toxic gases
  • One year datalogging capacity (minimum)
  • Standard STEL and TWA
  • iNet and DSX Docking Station compatible
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lifetime warranty


  • Suspender clip
  • Calibration adapter
  • Tubing
  • Operating Instructions

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