GOJO - 1000 ml Refill PURELL E3 Rated Instant Hand Sanitizer


SKU: GOJ2163-08

PURELL® E3 Rated Instant Hand Sanitizer- Instant hand sanitizer formulated for the food processing industry. Use as a no-rinse adjunct to handwashing. Effective against germs and microorganisms that may cause illness.


- Supports hand hygiene compliance
- Part of the GOJO Hygiene Management System for Food Processors, a comprehensive program that supports effective hand hygiene and compliance as part of the quality control
- GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps lock out germs
- Collapsible bag refill makes the best use of space inside the dispenser


- Listed with NSF International as an E3 for use in all departments of USDA-regulated food processing environments.
- Exceeds the chlorine equivalency standard set by NSF for E3 category status
- Kosher certified


- Meets guidelines for use in USDA and US federally regulated food processing facilities.