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Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT Hard Cap with 3-R Ratchet Suspension

Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT Hard Cap with 3-R Ratchet Suspension


Fibre-Metal’s sophisticated SUPEREIGHT Impact Energy Control System raises protective performance to a new level. On impact, the smooth shell flexes, absorbing and dissipating some impact energy. The reduced impact energy is passed to the suspension system at eight scientifically determined points around the cap, thus dispersing the energy over a greater area of the head, reducing the risk of failure at any one point. During everyday wear, SUPERIGHT’s low center of gravity, multiple adjustments, and choice of full sweatband, ratchet headband, or patented SWINGSTRAP provides the right fit and feel for maximum comfort. Most Fibre-Metal protective hats and cap are SEI certified. All come fully assembled. Patented SWINGSTRAP allows the cap to be converted from normal wearing position (and back) without removing, reversing and reinstalling the suspension. Ideal for situations where head protection must be worn in combination with a welding helmet, face-shield or goggles. Combines the comfort of a 360 degree sweatband with the head hugging stability and easy adjustment of a ratchet headband.

  • SEI certified to meet ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type 1, Class E, G or C
  • ANSI Type: I
  • Cap Class: C, E, G
  • Cap Type: Hard Cap
  • Color: Hi-Viz Orange, Orange
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Suspension: Ratchet

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