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DBI-SALA i-Safe Cable HF RFID Tag With Round Bumper Ball

SKU : PL-D629505843
DBI/SALA i-Safe Cable HF RFID Tag With Round Bumper Ball


DBI/SALA® i-Safe™ Cable HF RFID Tag comes with round bumper ball.


RFID tag 4-pack for cables: Can be attached to most cable lifeline products such as SRL's and is programmed with its unique ID that registers its model type and history
Split ball design with cable recess: Tag can be easily attached or removed with two fasteners and is molded to accept 3/16" (5mm) diameter cable
Unique ID code programmed and printed on each tag: Allows user to scan tag and associate unique number to each individually tagged product or manually document with externally printed number
Control inventory and use: Track inventory on sites around the globe with paperless, accurate asset management
Multiple system versions available: Capital Safety hosted online web or customer hosted desktop and network portal versions available to suit any company or worksite
Utilizes passive high frequency 13.56 MHz technology: Simple system doesn't require batteries, reflects a signal back to the reader and offers longer read distances, faster speed and minimal surrounding interference
Heavy duty urethane construction: The extremely rugged shell protects the RFID chip inside and provides durability and extended field longevity
Easily track inspections: Enhance user safety with up-to-date inspection logs, creates verification system and electronic record for compliance and traceability
Reliable information management: Provides real-time updates ensuring accurate equipment status, streamlining logistics and safety management

Product Attributes

Product Type
» Cable HF RFID Tag

Brand Name
» i-Safe™

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