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DBI-SALA i-Safe High Frequency RFID Retrofit Tag Kit

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DBI/SALA i-Safe High Frequency RFID Retrofit Tag Kit
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DBI/SALA® i-Safe™ High Frequency RFID Soft goods Tag Kit includes 25 HF tags and zip ties. Tags are available for all brands of harnesses, lanyards, self retracting lifelines or other equipment such as tools, ladders and fire extinguishers.


RFID tag 25-pack for softgoods
Utilizes passive high frequency 13.56 MHz technology
Built-in choker, snap strap and zip ties included
Lightweight and durable nylon construction
Easily track inspections
Control inventory and use
Reliable information management
Multiple system versions available

(Includes Integral Choker Strap, Snap Strap, and Zip Ties)
Product Attributes

Product Type
» RFID Retrofit Tag Kit

Brand Name
» i-Safe™

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