DBI/SALA 9' Nano-Lok Tie-Back Self-Retracting Nylon Web Lifeline With WRAPABAX Gated Snap Hook And Swiveling Anchor Loop

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DBI/SALA® 9' Nano-Lok™ Tie-Back Self Retracting Lifeline With WRAPABAX™ Gated Snap Hook With Swiveling Anchor Loop used for single leg harness connection. Self-retracting line has 420 lb user capacity and is versatile with unrivaled jobsite flexibility. Design offers snug fit to worker’s back and is installed to web, leaving dorsal D-ring open for other equipment or rescue. The 36" tie-back leg offers options and eliminates the need for a separate anchor connector, tid-off adapter or scaffold choker. It offers more mobility, flexibility and reduces overall equipment costs and increasing productivity. Swiveling anchorage loop limits lifeline twisting for smoother operation and impact-resistant housing offers maximum durability. Swiveling anchor loop offers harness connection and meets or exceeds OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66 standards.


Lightest most compact unit on the market.
Swivel loop prevents webbing from twisting
The WrapBax hook is specifically designed for tie-back use-eliminates need for a separate anchorage connector
6' length with additional 3 feet of Tie-Back webbing
Automatic, quick activating arrestor locks up within inches reducing free fall distance
I-Safe equipped to track inspections and control inventory
Design provides snug fit to workers back eliminating nuisance flopping
Does not include harness connector or carabiner

OSHA 1926.502 OSHA 1910.66
Product Attributes

» Nylon Web

» OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502

Product Type
» Lifeline

» 9 ft

Brand Name
» Nano-Lok™

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