DBI/SALA 6' WrapBax2 Polyester Web Twin Leg Tie-Back Shock-Absorbing Lanyard With Locking Snap Hook And Tie Back Hooks On Other End

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DBI/SALA® 6' WrapBax2™ Double Leg Lanyard features locking snap hook and tie back hook on other end, which automatically locks and closes for added safety and allow opening and connecting without getting thumb or fingers in the way, even with gloves on. Velcro® cover protects lanyard labels and holds i-Safe™ RFID identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections. It includes impact indicator that allows user to visually see if the lanyard has been involved in a fall, providing safe, simple and reliable inspection. Heavy duty abrasion resistant webbing endures rough use and the demands of tie-back use, standing up to long periods of outdoor elements without tearing or fraying for added longevity. It is integrated on the shock absorber cover for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Hi-10™ Vectran™ energy absorption system delivers excellent abrasion, cut and chemical resistance and immediately begins to extend and absorb energy during a fall, limiting arresting forces to safe levels. It meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, specialized webbing and 5000 lb gated hook provides more abrasion resistance and strength for the demands of tie-back use.


The WrapBax hook included on this lanyard has a 5000 lb capacity from any direction including the gate making it ideal for tie-back use
The heavy duty webbing provides five times more abrasion resistance, making it ideal for tying off on rough surfaces
The WrapBax 2 features a pinch less design that allows you to open and connect the hook one handed without thumbs or fingers getting in the way
The WrapBax unique hook design makes it easily differentiated from standard snap hooks to eliminate confusion on the jobsite for added safety
This safety lanyard is available in a double leg 100% tie off configuration
Limits arresting forces to 900 lbs or less
Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359

Product Attributes

» Polyester


Product Type
» Lanyard

» 6 ft

Brand Name
» WrapBax™2

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