E-A-R - Pushins Mushroom Shaped Corded Earplugs


SKU: CAS318-3000

E-A-R Push-Ins combine the easy use and benefits of a reusable earplug with the cost and comfort advantages of a disposable earplug. It's all made possible with the innovative, simple-to-use design and the ultra-soft performance of a tip made of patented E-A-R form foam, a derivative of the foam developed for NASA for use in their space shuttle seats.

200 Pairs per box

- No Roll Down foam tip
- Insertion stem eliminates the need to touch the tip.
- Expands in the ear canal to create a comfortable seal.
- Foam actually softens and becomes more pliable with body temperature, the seal and comfort increases the longer the plugs are worn.
- Metal detectable cord

- Simple to use design and ultra soft performance.
- Workers don't have to take the time to roll-down the foam tip.
- Quicker and easier to use.

- Laboratory tested NRR 28dB.
- Meets ANSI S3.19-1974 Standards