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Deb 2 Liter Refill Blue Estesol Scented Hand Cleaner

Deb 2 Liter Refill Blue Estesol Scented Hand Cleaner


  • Estesol Lotion (2 liter refill) is a lightly perfumed lotion hand cleanser for regular use. Suitable for removal of general dirt.


  • ECOLOGO Certified. Provides customers with assurance that the products meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.
  • Pleasantly fragranced. Appealing to both males and females with no lingering scent.
  • Contains Glycerin. Helps prevent skin dryness by increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of the skin, leaving the hands feeling smooth and firm.
  • Quickly creates a rich lather. Provides fast and effective hand cleaning. Ideal for regular, daily use.
  • Fully water soluble and free rinsing. Will rinse easily from hair and skin to leave no soapy residues on the body or in shower areas.
  • Soap-free formulation with skin friendly pH value. Helps to maintain the skin's natural acidic protective mantle.
  • The product contains 77% renewable or biobased content


  • EcoLogo certified
  • USDA BioPreferred
  • Fragrance: Fresh


  • USDA BioPreferred certified. Product ingredients have been carefully selected to help reduce the use of fossil fuels, reduce emissions and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Silicone-free. Can be used in almost any production process. No adverse effect when painting/coating surfaces.


  • General And Light Industrial
  • Office/Commercial/Leisure
  • Community Healthcare
  • Acute Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Medical Rooms And Laboratories
  • Construction
  • Marine

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