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Deb 0.5 Gallon Bottle Red Kresto Scented Hand Cleaner

SKU : D6399027564
Deb 0.5 Gallon Bottle Red Kresto Scented Hand Cleaner


Kresto Cherry (1/2 Gallon pump bottle) is designed for the toughest industrial dirt. Extra-heavy duty hand cleaner with advanced cleaning power contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, and a safe solvent. It helps to clean extremely well in cases of intensely stubborn industrial dirt like grease, oil, soot, metal dust, lacquers, adhesives and more that cannot be removed at all by products that are free of scrubbers and solvents. The fresh cherry scent of the cleaner eliminates industrial odors on hands, leaving them clean and fresh. As skin is slightly acidic, this lotion has been formulated with a PH level that mirrors the skin's natural mantle to help keep skin healthy. It can be rinsed away with ease and is not prone to swelling. Cleaner has less solvent than most other solvent-containing hand cleaners on the market. It contains a paraffinic solvent that is non-toxic like many solvents and has been tested as well as proven not to clog drains or pipes. It is developed to provide optimum skin compatibility and maximum cleaning ability.


  • Quickly cleans heavy dirt, grease, grime and oil
  • Formulated for optimum skin compatibility and maximum cleaning ability
  • Fresh cherry scent eliminates odors on hands leaving them fresh and clean
  • Skin compatibility keep hands healthy under tough conditions
  • Contains special conditioning agents to help maintain skin health
  • Contains natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers
  • Easily rinses away, tested and proven not to clog drains


  • This product is a cosmetic intended for personal use in the workplace and is thus regulated by FDA


  • Heavy Industrial
  • General And Light Industrial
  • Construction
  • Vehicle Maintenance/Repair
  • Marine

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