DBI/SALA - Self-Locking Steel Carabiner


SKU: D622000113

DBI/SALA® 1 3/16" Gate Opening Saflok® Self-Closing, Self-Locking Steel Carabiner With 3,600 Pound Load Rating

DBI-SALA's carabiners are an extremely versatile choice to keep your system securely connected. Workers appreciate the reduced weight and easy operation it offers.


- 1-3/16" gate opening
- Self-closing/Self-locking gate for increased safety and security
- Steel construction for durability
- User-friendly design for simple operation even while wearing gloves
- Gate Face withstands a load of 3,600 lbs. (up from 220 lbs.)
- Side of Gate withstands a load of 3,600 lbs. (up from 350 lbs.)
- Minor Axis withstands 3,600 lbs.
- High strength construction with a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 pounds
- Compatible with most connecting rings
- Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and the the new 2007 ANSI Z359 standard