DBI-SALA - EXOFIT Construction Style Full Body Harness


SKU: D621113120

Capital Safety DBI-SALA™ EXOFIT NEX™ Construction Style Full Body Harness With Back And Side D-Rings, Locking Quick Connect Buckles, Repel Webbing, Breakaway Lanyard Keepers, Trauma Straps And Sewn-In Hip Pad And Body Belt

ExoFit NEX™ harnesses are the newest, most advanced harnesses in the inudstry. They're the culmination of our experience with ExoFit™ and ExoFit™ XP, ongoing research and the incorporation of new materials and innovative features. When you purchase an ExoFit NEX™ harness, you can be certain that you're purchasing the finest harness available today, from DBI-SALA™ or anyone else.

ANSI Z539 Certified

- COMFORT - True to our NEXT mission, we manufacture these harnesses using materials that won't add unnecessary weight.
- FUNCTION - When speed and efficiency are project requirements, ExoFit NEXT™ will provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential.
- DURABILITY - ExoFit NEX™ harnesses are designed using materials that last.
- REVOLVER™ VERTICAL TORSO ADJUSTERS - Simple and fast adjustments that eliminate losse ends and lock into place, preventing slippage.
- HYBRID COMFORT PADDING - Lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable padding won't move or slip, always keeping the wearer comfortable.
- TECH-LITE™ ALUMINUM D-RINGS - Extremely lightweight alloy commonly used in military and aerospace offers a higher level of security and comfort.
- INTEGRATED TRAUMA STRAPS - Provide an adjustable, continuous loop for post fall, minimizing suspension trauma.
- DUO-LOK™ QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES - Lightweight one-handed use with memory-fit web-lock ensures fast, non-slipping connections.
- PROTECTIVE SHOULDER CAPS - Provide protection and comfort when carrying heavy materials.
- MOLDED LANYARD KEEPERS - Easy holstered snap hooks break away to avoid trip hazard.
- REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - For greater visibility in dark and dangerous environments, reflective material is integrated on legs, chest, shoulders and back.
- BUILT-IN CARRYING POCKET - Conveniently holds and protects a cell phone, camera or other items.
- REPEL TECHNOLOGY WEBBING - Water repellent to reduce attraction of mold and dirt - also has up to 5 times more abrasion resistance.
- STAND-UP DORSAL D-RING - Patented spring-loaded design automatically stands-up, ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to your fall arrest system.