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DBI-SALA 5.5" - 37" Diameter Cynch-Lok Trasmission Model Fall Restricting Pole Strap

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DBI/SALA 5.5" - 37" Diameter Cynch-Lok Trasmission Model Fall Restricting Pole Strap
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Climbing wood poles is one of the most difficult applications in the realm of fall protection. So we took a new approach and asked linemen to help us make a better strap. The result is our new Cynch-Lok Fall Restricting Pole Strap – the most user-friendly device of its kind meeting stringent CSA 259.14 standards. Cynch-Lok features almost effortless adjustment. It allows you to easily hitch-hike poles (reposistion, move or jump the strap upwards) with a hand position that's comfortable. It also moves past obstacles without difficulty. Exterior straps can be changed depending on the type and size of pole you're climbing. Interchangeability eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices and adds to Cynch-Loks longevity by allowing you to replace components. Cynch-Loks unique design "cynches" around a pole in the event of a cut-out or fall. When used correctly, it limits your fall distances in accordance with CSA standards. As the global leader in fall protection, it's our goal to provide your with gear that's lightweight, easy to use and built for your demands.

- Cynch-Lok Adjustment - The exterior strap has simple "slide into place roller adjustment" that allows you to adjust to the pole's diameter during a climb with one hand.
- Pinch Free, Ergonomic Grips - Strap ends give you a comfortable gripping location, away from potential pinch hazards. Worker can use a standard hitch-hiking motion without substantial effort.
- Stopping Cleat and Carabiner - Specially designed and uniquely cleated plat and carabiner help restrict a fall during a cut-out by gripping the pole when the strap itself "cynches".
- Protected Labels - Velcro cover with i-Safe helps keep labels protected and legible.
- Abrason Resistant Sleeve - A mobile protective sleeve helps prevent abrasion of the interior rope, prolonging product life.
- Indicating Strap and Rope - A neoprene impregnanated nylon strap and adjustable rope lanyard contain an indicating core, letting you know when the product is worn enough to need replacement.
- Rope Adjuster - Easy to use torsion spring for greater strength and enhanced mobility, allows user to position comfortably on the pole.
- Field Versatility - The exterior portion of the strap can be exhanged for different lengths, depending on the type and size of pole you're climbing. Distribution and transmission sized models available.
- Technora Rope - Double braided rope with a technora core is cut and fire resistant, and yields high tensile strength.
- Lightweight Design - At 4.8 lbs., your Cynch-Lok becomes a tool, not a burden.

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